Centralized Store Management

All the tools needed for multi-location retailers, foodservice to sell, manage, report and grow! The one platform for multi-outlets, designed to keep your business at the front of change.

Get the comprehensive solution to run your stores – with Cloud Point-of-Sale, Online Store, E-Catalog, E-Menu, Individual Store Price Control, Inventory Management Across all Stores, Customer Data Management, and Reports that gives actionable insights.

Easily add new users, registers, sales channels, or locations as you grow. Worry less with an online system that always backs up your data, so you can check in on your business from anywhere!

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Sell More On Every Channel

Give your staff the tools to offer customers a beautiful, mobile checkout with digital receipts and integrated payments. Offer customers to view your products on Facebook, Instagram, online Store and marketplaces. Buying and paying online on any smart device available in the market.

Sell on iPad or iPhone, Mac or PC, Android Phones and Tablets, and take your store online with leading ecommerce integrations. Painlessly manage inventory and orders - just click, collect or fulfill them across locations.

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Your Store at Your Terms

Managing different menus and prices at different stores has never been easier.

Our multi-store system has been created to scale and grow with your business easily. Adding new outlets with the same products, but selective menus and different prices, you can do it in just few minutes!

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Multi-location eMenu and Digital Signage

Take control of your menu display systems to show morning/lunch/dinner menu, promotion menu, special events menu and more at different store different locations!

By using our digital menu board system, you can easily and quickly update beautiful digital menu boards , change your prices, add images, slideshows, videos including advanced scheduling of menu updates and display. All changes are wirelessly updated on the menu within minutes, making it readily available to all or selected stores!

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Multi-location Wi-Fi and Security

Never compromise control - this includes staff access and Wi-Fi access of all your stores in the same system. You will be able to set permissions for all your staff across multiple stores with ease.

Specify who works at which store, and they will be given access only to the section pertaining to their role. Also, you can manage your staff’s permissions in real-time.

A cashier might only be given access to the sales screen, where Store Managers can access to sales reporting, operation status & performance, but an administrator can easily adjust that should the need arise.

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Customer Data and Insights

Collecting, analyzing and understanding customer data from all stores has never been easier. The deeper your understanding of customers' buying habits and lifestyle preferences, the more accurate your predictions of future buying behaviors will be.

Our system lets you get closer to your customers, even when you can’t meet every single one of them in person. When a customer purchases from any of your stores, their sales history is automatically recorded.

  • Access purchase history across all locations and online, e-Receipt is always available
  • Transfer items between stores for customers
  • Reward any purchase from any location or channel

With customer analytics, you can:

  • Increase response rates, customer loyalty and, ultimately, ROI by contacting the right customers with highly relevant offers and messages.
  • Reduce campaign costs by targeting those customers most likely to respond.
  • Decrease attrition by accurately predicting customers most likely to leave and developing the right proactive campaigns to retain them.
  • Deliver the right message by segmenting customers more effectively and better understanding target populations.

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Reporting across locations

Learn real-time information on your store to help you understand what is successful and what needs improvement, from products, to staff, inventory and more. With multi-store reporting, you have the information you need to run a successful multi-location business.

Real-time reports give you insight into the performance of your business at any given time.

  • See the individual status of a store
  • Get an overview of your entire operation
  • Refresh your data in real time
  • Compare multiple store analytics

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